My 2 Months of Extreme Minimalism

Prior to my last day of working, I went on a crash minimalist lifestyle.  I had sold my condo sooner than planned and moved just about all my stuff to my future home.  Part of the sale of the condo, I got to stay for 2 weeks after the sale,  since the buyer wasted time closing and wanted to move in during Thanksgiving week.

I suddenly found myself having to plan for what I was going to do for the next couple months to get by.  I was literally going to be living in an empty condo for a couple weeks, then what was I going to do.  I was not wanting to sign a short term lease or go month to month, because the monthly rents I found were stupid.

I don’t live an extravagant lifestyle. My condo fully furnished was already pretty sparse, according to most people that came by to visit.  A coworker came to hang out one time, and literally said, “You don’t really live here!  This is a joke, right?”

No Tyler Durden did not write this.

No Tyler Durden did not write this.

Fight_Club_IKEA_Edward_Norton Fight-club-Ikea-560x314

Well, things were about to get a bit extreme.

In planning for the sale of my place, I started to observe what I did everyday, what did I really need.  For 2 months I was going to crash on friends couches just to get some sleep, so I needed to be mobile.

So what did I need for 2 months:

-bathroom toiletries (tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant, shampoo, things to keep you presentable)

-a duffel bag of clothes (clothes for work, clothes for going out, sleep clothing.  Public nudity is kind of frowned upon)

-cell phone and laptop

-my car (had to put my bike on the moving truck, so I was going to be driving a whole lot more for 2 months)

-my pillow (I’m picky about a good comfy pillow)

5 Things.  That’s what I had for 2 months.  All the other stuff I own, I just didn’t really need.

The kitchen utensils, plates, countless mugs.  Not needed.

A walk in closet full of clothing that mostly went unworn.  Not needed.

The big tv with a power hungry PC attached.  I missed it, but was not needed.

The boxes of stuff in the closet that I didn’t know what was being stored.  You guessed it, not needed.

I had literally consolidated my life down to what could fit in the trunk of my car.  The funny part about this whole thing, I really liked it.  It felt free to not be tied down by my possessions.  I went out a little more, checking out a couple movies, grabbing drinks a little more, eating out like I had never done before.

How did this experience change my mind set?  Simple, I’m trying to be less wasteful.  Think before I buy something.  Do I really need it or will it be sitting in a box in a closet soon.  I also want to get rid of the things sitting around my place that I have no use for.

So, I guess the real question is… “What kind of dining set defines you as a person?

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  1. I’ve been trying to pare down my belongings with my impending move. All I’m bringing with me is clothes, computer monitor, some unread books, and some other personal items. Donating and selling things I don’t need has been very freeing.

    • There’s definitely a good feeling about not having unused stuff sitting around the house collecting dust. Wish I was able to get rid of more stuff before my move.

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