Short and Long Term Goals

I realized that I never put my goals down on paper.  You still need something to work towards in early retirement after hitting your goal, so here is a list of short and long term goals.


-Hit the first million (estimated 2-4 years depending on the markets)

-Grow liquid net worth by $100k per year (gets easier over time)

-Grow dividend income by at least 5% per year to outpace inflation

-Have $40k in dividend income in 10 years (year 2026)

-Get to a liquid net worth of $6 million by the time I’m 65 (year 2044)

-Try to spend more (this is hard to do for someone who loves investing vs spending)


-Reduce carbon foot print further (drive even less/bike more, switch to LED bulbs*, go solar)

-Do my last marathon (this year), first century ride (this year), train for first marathon (2017)

-Take apart and rebuild/restore my old car by myself


-Set up tables at the local farmers market when crops are ready and sell the excess fruits (booth rents for $20 on Saturday)

-Plant more and more crops

-Get more articles posted on the site on a regular basis

-Increase revenue from site


-Live in Hawaii and rent chairs and umbrellas on the beach and give surf lessons (hopefully before I get too old)

I’ll check back over time to see if any of these are getting checked off my list.

*I found a cheap source of LED bulbs at the 99 Cents only store.  40 watt equivalent rated at 5 watts that emit a bright white color.  The CFL equivalent is between 13-14 watts.  The CFLs are being replaced as they burn out.  The store also has a great selection of name brand cereals that retail for $4-5 a box at the grocery store.

What are your short and long term goals?  Sound off below.

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  1. Great list! What have you been up to so far in FI?

    My immediate plans are FI. But then starting a small business, travel, maybe starting a homestead in the mountains. Only time will tell.

    • Hi Fervent,
      I just did a road trip to Vegas last week. Went in the middle of the week when everything is basically 1/2 price. Normally, I’m checking things off my list of “things to do” that I have had for years. Getting through it with pretty good success. 2 weeks ago, worked on my old car, that probably saved a few hundred from going to a mechanic. Almost everyday includes a long bike ride (for fun) or trail rides, working out, playing with the dog, working in the garden, catching up on TV shows that I never watched while working that everyone else was talking about. I moved to a new and smaller city, so I’m also trying to discover my new surroundings and will occasionally do day trips. Time is normally flying by in ER, I can’t believe it’s been just over 3 months since my last day in prison, I mean work. Planning on camping out at the grand canyon before the year ends.

      Side note, I saw you are moving to a smaller city. Good luck man. I moved from Dallas to Tucson, and I am loving the change in pace a lot. People are a whole lot friendlier in smaller cities too. I think my car insurance got cut in half from the move. Bonus!!

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