Travel Adventures: Reno/Lake Tahoe

No sage finance stuff today.  You can’t always be about money or you’ll die early.  If that happens, then what’s the point in building up a shit load of money.  So I guess if I had to give an investment tip: You can’t take it with you.  Don’t take life to seriously all the time.

So, just chill a little, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy some pics of a recent trip to Reno/Lake Tahoe.

Short Review:  Downtown Reno sucks.  It’s dirty and doesn’t feel safe, but you can get some pretty good food for stupid prices at some of the casinos.  The steak, eggs, toast and hashbrowns for $4.99 was excellent; also worth a taste is the steak and lobster tail for $9.99.  16oz Bud/Bud light for $1.39 is stupid crazy.  The service was super friendly.  Thanks Top Deck at Cal-Neva Casino.

I love karaoke, and this casino has it on Thursday nights.  The best part of karaoke is the horrible performances and this place did not disappoint.  Some of the worst singing I’ve ever heard.  I actually thought I heard a dying giraffe at one point.  Loved it.  Pretty entertaining, in my opinion, while losing a little money at the tables.

I stayed in the Sands Hotel and Casino.  Not recommended.  The place wasn’t too clean, water pressure in the shower was spotty, and on the last day was only able to take an ice cold shower.

I’d recommend avoiding Reno and staying in Carson City instead.  Just make a quick drive to Reno, if you must see it.

Staying in Reno or Carson City is not too far a drive to Lake Tahoe, about an hour scenic drive through nice mountains, and can save you quite a bit on the hotels in Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe is a real relaxing place.  Great destination for getting away from the hot as hell desert temps that I’m living in now.  The water in the lake is absolutely pristine, hiking trails are everywhere, including biking paths, as well as camping spots, and of course skiing in the winter.  I preferred the Nevada side of the lake, over California (better beaches, cleaner water).  About the only complaint is the water in the lake is cold (duh it’s from the melted snow).  Takes a while to acclimate to the temps vs the beaches in Hawaii, where you can jump right in.

Rating:  Great Place to visit for outdoor lovers.

Enjoy the pics below (Pics shot with my Microsoft Lumia 640 phone- I’m an amateur and it works good enough for me, love the panoramic app):

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  1. Gorgeous photos. What’s your karaoke song? I rock “Papa Come Quick” and “Paradise By The Dashboard Light”

    • Nice choices.
      For me it depends on the mood I’m trying to set (all performed very off key)…
      Baby Making Music: R. Kelly “bump n’ grind”, or Sisqo’s “thong song”, or Wreckx N Effects “rump shaker”
      Audience participation: “sweet caroline” or “tainted love”
      The ol’ Stand by: “baby got back” and just about about any other 90’s rap/hip hop that a goofy white boy shouldn’t do

  2. Nice pics! Thanks for the heads up on Reno.

    • I was definitely disappointed in the downtown area (but mainly was there for the lake).
      Downtown Vegas on the other hand, I definitely prefer that over the strip these days. Full of life, activities, and some good people watching. The strip changed since I was last out there, mainly shopping and restaurants, and too many panhandlers.

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