Travel Adventure: Camp Verde, AZ (Out of Africa Wildlife Park and Montezuma Castle National Park)

Just a few pics of todays daytrip north of Phoenix to Camp Verde, AZ.  These are two great stops if you are heading to Sedona or the Grand Canyon and are not in a hurry.

I’ve always loved animals (they keep you young), and Out of Africa Wildlife Park is a great alternative to visiting a zoo.  You can get pretty close to seeing their tigers, bears, snakes, zebras, and giraffes to name a few.  The things that sets this wildlife park apart from a trip to the zoo: you can actually see the animals (pretty up close as well), and the safari tour.  On most of my trips to the zoo the animals are hiding or too far back to really see, not the case here.  Being a few feet away from a tiger, really puts their size into perspective.  The safari tour is a must (it’s included in your admission).  You basically get on a windowless bus and drive through a field and see a bunch of the non predatory animals real close, and get to feed a giraffe celery (by hand or mouth-yes I basically French kissed a giraffe).  The tour guide is energetic, hilarious, and knowledgeable.  You can tell she really loves her work.

There are also zip lines, that I didn’t have time to do, but maybe next time.  They also have various shows featuring some of the animals.  Be sure to print out their coupon available on their web site, and they also have free admission for you the entire month of your birthday.

Can’t recommend this place enough.  Like Arnold Schwarzenegger, I’ll be back.  Enjoy some pics:

Montezuma Castle is part of the National Parks and is only about a 15 minute drive north of the wildlife park.  It’s basically a giant home site built on the side of a mountain.  Pretty cool and quick stop on your way to Sedona.  There is a short trail to get out of your car and stretch before you get back on the road.  Worth checking out if you are passing by, as the castle is a pretty interesting site to see.

On the way back home from the day trip, a brief stop to get info on camping at Picacho Peak and taking in a sunset:



Now, get out and explore!



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  1. Giraffes are so fun! I never kissed one though. If you do the horseback safari along the garden route in South Africa, you can be within 20 feet of a giraffe and know they are there, but be unable to find them. Their camouflage is amazing.

    • Hey ZJ,
      That giraffe knew that food was coming when he saw the bus. Same for the ostriches.
      A horseback safari in South Africa, sounds amazing.

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