Travel Adventures: Mt Lemmon

wp_20160924_18_20_14_proSunset from 9152 ft

Some pics from my last camping and hiking adventure in Mt Lemmon which is in Tucson, AZ.  I had to bump up this camping trip ahead of Picacho Peak, since the temps are dropping fast on Mt. Lemmon.  It is the highest elevation in the city at 9152 ft.  It was freakishly cold, especially at night (only in the mid 30’s).  For being in the desert, I had to layer up to stay warm, even during the day.  It’s pretty cool going up the Catalina Mountains.  At first you start in the desert and see a bunch of cacti.  As you go up the mountain it slowly transitions into something you would see in Colorado with a bunch of Pine trees (and even a ski lift at the top) and can feel the temperature change.  I spent one night going to the Sky Center Observatory to geek out and look at galaxies and star stuff through one of the giant telescopes up there.  I figure why not since I’m there.  Plus it gest you access to a beautiful sunset at the highest elevation in the city.  I briefly attended the Oktoberfest in Ski Valley, but it was kinda lame, so didn’t waste much time there.  Overall, it was a fun little trip, but doesn’t come close to my Grand Canyon trip (that place is amazing).  I’m trying to do small trips like these every month to get out and explore different things.  And do 1 big trip a year overseas (what do I have planned for that?)



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