My Portfolio Dividend History – February 2017

The following information is to show how a slow and steady approach to building your dividend portfolio, can lead to building a stream of passive income you can live off of.  February 2017, saw dividend income clocking in at $1108.41.  The middle month of the quarter has traditionally been the weaker dividend income month of each quarter for me.  This February also saw me losing out on 2 holdings due to a crazy 3 way M&A deal and I am waiting too see what happens with the new combined company.  Looking back at February 2008, exactly 9 years ago, I had $$37.94 in passive income that month.  Last year (2016), I rolled over my retirement plan and invested it in individual stocks.  Ideally, I will eventually go back prior to 2008 and pull some dividend information, but lets be real, that will probably never happen.  In 2008, that was the first year my brokerage company allowed for dividend reinvestment, so that’s why I started tracking it that year.

The information is broken down into 3 sheets (look at the tabs at the bottom): Monthly, Quarterly, and Annually.

Hopefully, this information inspires anyone looking to hit FIRE (financial independence, retire early).  It can be done.

Again, this is just the dividend income (passive) and does not include any capital appreciation (which currently clocks in at just over $60k YTD)

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