My Portfolio’s Dividend History – May 2017

This is my dividend income updated monthly, quarterly and annually (look at the tabs in the spreadsheet) updated for May 2017 and going all the way back to January of 2008.  The spreadsheet simply reflects dividend income alone, no capital gains, portfolio growth, covered call income- just my passive dividend income that I receive rain or shine in the markets.

The middle month of the quarter is typically my weak month for passive income.  I simply have fewer holdings in the 2nd month of the quarter paying dividends.  So February, May, August, and November tend to be my lower passive income months.  May 2017 say dividend income $1274.02.  This reflects a 46.67% year over year change from May 2016.  The main reason for the large change in dividend income is 2016 saw me doing the whole early retirement thing.  I had to roll over my retirement plan and invest in in individual stocks vs high fee mutual funds.  My total dividend income from January 2008 – May 2017 stands at $61,699.66 with the majority of that coming in recent years.

For the month, I only actually did a withdrawal of $500 from my Traditional IRA that has a Reg 72(t) plan set up on it (72t avoids the 10% early withdrawal penalty).  All of the other dividends were reinvested (creating extra dividend income for August!).  Overall I can’t complain about the month.  Overall for the month, of my 14 holdings paying a dividend in May, 9 have had dividend increases so far for the year, 1 company slashed it’s dividend (ERIC), and I’m expecting 1 company to announce an increase in Q3 (GIS).

The thing to notice from the spreadsheet is the slow and steady increase in my dividend income over time.  Patience has been key in this plan.  Also I’m able to live off these dividends.  I’m awaiting the final utility bills for the month, but expect that total figure to come in around $500 or maybe less.

Enjoy the charts and figures.  Fire away with any questions.

Also, I’m planning on doing 2 challenges coming up… the ramen noodle challenge and the discount store challenge.  I’ll probably only do the ramen challenge for a week or 2, but basically can a person live off a Ramen diet.  The discount store challenge will be 1 month of only shopping at places like dollar stores and trying to prepare meals from what I find.  Also is it really cheaper and possible.  You may be surprised what happens.  I’m doing this to challenge the notion that it’s a) impossible to pull off and b) you only get crap at these places.

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  1. Two weeks of ramen sounds rough on the body, unless you are going to a fancy ramen place. Good luck!

    • I’ll probably have to add some hard boiled eggs or something for some protein. We’ll see what happens. I’ll document it all.

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