Net Worth Update for May 2017

Been a while since I’ve done one of these voyeuristic looks into my finances, so here we go.  My rules to calculating my net worth are a little different from others.  I only care about investments, things that I can click a mouse button and convert to cash in seconds.  So I don’t count cars, real estate, or any other junk laying around the home.  Why? Because cash is king.  I can raise cash from my investments in seconds.  Selling a car or real estate can take weeks or months.  Also, I can’t just take a few bricks from the home and get cash for it.

Something you’ll notice…I’m like water.  Liquid as fuck.  My balance sheet looks different from others.  I carry no debt, period.  No home or auto loans, and credit cards are paid before their due dates.

Just shy of the middle of the year, I sit at $965,743.92.  This represents an 11.06% increase 5 months into the year or an increase of $96,211.71.  My goal is to increase my net by $100k per year from here on out.  We’ll see what happens as we get close to the second half of the year, but having my net increase by $150k to $200k by the end of the year would be pretty cool.  A couple positions that have paid off nicely so far this year: a large trade in KO back in February has come into fruition much quicker than I thought.  Also holdings in TTWO, ATVI, and big tobacco have done amazingly.  Honestly, I was pretty surprised by the figures.  I hadn’t really looked in a couple months and came up with a rough figure of $60k in my head.

Here’s everything plotted out for you year by year (scroll down for the chart):

How are your finances shaping up so far this year?  Sound off below.

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  1. My year has been going well. Increasing my knowledge and decreasing my debt.I love your charts. So clear and impressive. A few of those years’ gains are mindboggling. Glad I read you.

    • Thanks. Should be a matter of time to hit that first million. Feel free to download and use the spreadsheets for your own personal use, just update the figures, dates, and ages for your situation.

  2. I used to hold ATVI! 🙂 Then sold it a long time ago. My husband has tobacco stocks (Phillips Morris and Ultria) and is a big fan of the companies (not smoking). Great job, you’re so close to the 7 figure mark!

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