I made $1000 per trading day in September

In an attempt to do something different, I tracked my portfolio fluctuations each trading day and graphed it out.  Not knowing in advance what would happen with the market (and historically September being the worst month for the markets) I thought this would be an interesting experiment.

The goal in having built up financial assets is to live comfortably off of the passive dividend income, but also continue to build my bottom line net worth.

So here is an interesting spreadsheet and a couple of charts with the data:

Some interesting tid bits from the data above…

Net Increase for the month: $21,461.41

Biggest Single Day Day: $6,707.71

Biggest Single Day Loss: $4,557.79

Average Daily Gain: $1,073.07

Max Gain for the Month: $22,088.23

Longest Streak without a loss: 4

Longest Losing Streak: 2

Interesting fact, I did not trade a single stock all month.  This was from buy and hold investing.

The net gain for the month alone is greater than the poverty limit in the United States.  You can do this too, it just takes time and patience.

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  1. It’s neat to see it broken down like that. Especially the longest streak without a loss. Markets are so interesting.

    • yeah, I always know daily what’s happening, but to look at it randomly one month and track was pretty interesting to do. I may try to do this for all of 2018, but it’s hard to remember to check every day. Missing 1 day late in the year would ruin the whole thing.

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