Passive Income Update for August 2017

Here is my updated passive income tracked since 2008, updated through August of 2017.  My passive income consist of dividend income from my stock holdings.  It does not include any options income, income from this site, or anything else.  This is to show the slow and steady process of dividend growth over time.

The trend continues…my passive dividend income is continually rising slowly but surely each year.  The following spreadsheet has 3 tabs showing monthly income, quarterly income, and annual income.  At just under 3/4 of the year done, dividend income in 2017 has already surpassed dividend income for all of 2016, and 4 months remain.

So without further delay, here are the updated figures.  Happy perusing…

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  1. Way to go! I’m still impressed that you have been able to cut down your expenses so much that you can live on so little and watch things grow! Definitely an inspiration.

    • Thanks. I’ve been spending more this year than usual thanks to dating, but somehow the ytd totals are not that bad.

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