Net Worth Update 10.1.2017 The march to 7 digits

September 2017 was overall a great month for growing my bottom line.

Stock holdings saw a very nice increase for the month, averaging gains of over $1000 per trading day.  That will always be the single biggest factor in any increase/decrease in my net worth.

Liabilities currently sit at $0.00

Total Net Worth stands at $995,508.49 as of 10/1/2017, that puts me at $4,500 away from the first million, all as a SINK (single income, no kids).  Basically any day, I could hit it with about a half percent increase in the value of my stocks.

Currently for the year, I stand at a positive 14.49% increase to my net worth.

Here is a breakdown and history of my net worth since 1999 (starting at the age of 20).

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  1. Wow amazing! Probably you will achieve this by the end of this week! Congratulations! How does it feel to be a millionaire?

    • Let you know when it happens 😉 Where I’m at does make life feel pretty relaxing.
      I just hope in the next day or 2 it happens before my 38th bday (although that would be a pretty awesome birthday milestone).

    • It feels good!!!

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