2018 Dividend Increase Projections

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Below is the spreadsheet containing my projections for dividend increases on my dividend portfolio.

Overall, I am expecting a higher percentage of my portfolio to announce increases over 2017, however the average increase for the portfolio is projected be lower for 2018.  Earnings growth for many of my holdings have not maintained pace with past dividend increases, leading to higher payout ratios.

Depressed oil prices have really limited the ability of oil companies to really grow their dividends.

Companies with really long streaks of dividend increases, with some exceptions, are starting to get lofty payouts as well.  Some holdings are resorting to fractional increases to just maintain dividend aristocrat status.

One thing that could help some of my holdings and the markets in general is the tax reform.  While average people will lose out, companies will benefit the most.  The sales pitch is that tax cuts for companies (and lower taxes on repatriation of foreign earnings) will trickle down to producing more jobs for people.  I don’t buy it one bit.  It will benefit stock holders in the form of dividends and buybacks.

So here is the list of my dividend portfolio and their 2018 increase projections:

As usual, I will update this spreadsheet at the end of the year to see how I fared.  Projections for 2017, were pretty spot on.  In 2018, I am expecting 79% of my holdings to announce increases (up from 2017’s 74%), but only at an average of 3.93% compared to 2017’s 5% increase.

Also, keep an eye out for news on dividend increases as they happen.  I like dig into the companies dividend history and look at the sustainability of the dividend and whether the stock looks attractive at the current price point.

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  1. I think you are absolutely right about the impact of the tax bill. And all I’ve read of you leads me to believe you’ll be much closer to right about dividend increases than other folks.

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