Dividend Income Report – December 2017

Greetings, below is the final dividend income for the month of December 2017 and for the full year. These numbers represent the dividend income from all stock holdings and accounts.

For December, dividend income came in at a total of $2,579.78. This was the second best month for me dividend income wise. For December 2017, the increase in my dividend income came in at a 55.06% increase YOY when compared to December 2016s $1663.78.

December capped off an overall impressive year for my portfolio, kicking out total dividends for 2017 in the amount of $22,660.40, compared to 2016s dividend income of $14,067.08 for a YOY increase of a whopping 61.09%! Add on top the growth in my net worth in the amount of $185,998.97 (+21.39%) and 2017 was by all accounts a very profitable year.

For anyone keeping track, the following charts plots out almost 10 years of my dividend income. I think it shows the slow and steady pace of the income increasing over time, and now provides more than enough for me to comfortably live off.

The interesting thing to look at in the above spreadsheet is the annual tab. It simply plots out my dividend income each year and you can see it grow.

For 2018, I know at a minimum, dividend income will come in at $24,400, easily giving me an 8% increase in my passive dividend income. This is before all dividend increase are announced. I am setting a goal to hit $26,000 in dividend income for 2018.

I am approximately 5 months away from stopping work again and can’t wait. Going back to work has been an exercise in frustration and I am definitely looking forward to having my free time back. My dividend income easily provides more than enough to live off and slowly but surely continues to grow.

Coming soon, I should have the final tally on expenses for 2017, just waiting for the last utility bills to come in.

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