Dividend Income Report February 2018

While January started out the year with a boom, February has been the bi-polar evil twin month for the markets  (more on that to come next week). The following is my dividend history for my portfolio going back to January of 2008. I promise to eventually go back further.

February of 2018 saw my dividend income top out at $1433.89, my best February so far. Giving me a YOY increase of 29.36% from last years $1108.41.  The middle month of the quarter is typically my weaker month of dividend income.

Part of the reason for the good February came at the expense of a slightly lower January.  Last year, one of my favorite holdings, RAI, was as expected acquired by BTI. BTI has essentially shifted about $112 of dividend income into the months of Feb, May, July, and November with their dividend policy. I am actually fine with this, since it smooths out my dividend income a little, since those mentioned months are my lower dividend income months.

For the year, I am on pace for an overall 10% YOY increase compared to 2016, and project to break $25k in dividends for the year.

Dividends are a beautiful thing. I compare dividend stocks to being a landlord. Every month, I collect dividends (rent) and over time I am seeing the value of the stocks (think the property) rise. The beautiful thing of dividends, I don’t worry if the tenant will pay, or destroy the property. If I want to sell the property (stock), it just cost a few bucks and can be executed in seconds to raise capital.

So without further adieu, my portfolios dividend history dating back to January of 2008. Please notice the tabs at the bottom of the excel spreadsheet.

And for now for some charts.




So, why do I even bother sharing this information every month. I want readers to notice a couple things and encourage anyone who is in the earlier stages of building up there financial assets. When you’re starting out it may feel like you aren’t making any progress towards your goals. You may only have a couple bucks in dividends for the month. Don’t give up and keep at it. In February of 2008, I had $37.94 in dividend income. Fast forward a decade later and I am getting passive dividend income off my portfolio of $1433.89. That wasn’t much time that passed to build up to this point.

The other thing I want you to notice. Look closely at those figures and charts. You see how it is continually growing over time. My lifetime dividend income since starting in 2008 is only $79,268.89. But look again at those charts. In 2016 and 2017 I received $14,067.03 and $22,660.34. Those 2 years alone total $36,727.37 (2018 I will eclipse $25,000 in dividends alone). Those 2 years alone account for 46% of my dividend income. This wasn’t a fluke or luck, it was planned and can be replicated by you. February 2018 dividends alone are almost as much as I received in all of 2008. So while you may feel like you’re not seeing rapid growth of you passive income, give it time…

It’s like the snowball effect., you just have to start and get it rolling.

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  1. I love that you show this for those of us on the other end. Being able to see it visualized is really encouraging.

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