Daily Market Fluctuations March 2018

This is something I did back in September 2017, and figure I will try to make it a regular feature.  This shows the daily fluctuations of my portfolio (or about roughly 95%).

The goal has been to build enough passive dividend income, so as to not have to worry about short term market fluctuations.  So here is the daily fluctuations for March 2018…

Some interesting tidbits from the above data…

Biggest Single Day Loss: -$17,665.25

Average Daily Gain/Loss: -$736.24

Biggest Single Day Gain: $14,506.42

Longest Losing Streak: 5 Days

Longest Win Streak: 3 Days

Worst 1 Week Loss: -$45,701.49

Best 1 Week Gain:$27,836.41

Total Gain/Loss For Month: -$15,461.03

I did not trade a single day last month, this is from buy and hold investing.  This feature will continue on a regular basis if traffic and interest is high enough.  More regular articles are to come (just needed a break)

So, what do you think?  Are those fluctuations something you can stomach.

SNL Skit – Brokers from cfulkerson@tradingacademy.com on Vimeo.

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  1. I’d like more posts like this if they are fun for you to write. It’s helpful to see.

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