Net Worth Update April 2018

April marks 3 months in a row of a drop in the net worth.  Not sure how long it’s been since there’s been a 3 month streak like that for me.  Big tobacco got hit hard this month, so that did not bode well for me.

For the close of April 30th, my net sits at $1,012,981.76, representing a drop for the month of -$14,011.56 or -1.36% for the month.

YTD I am down -4.03% on the year through April 30th, representing a -$42,546.83.  Meanwhile the S&P500 is down YTD -0.96%.  Frustrating, as I was making up good ground for the year, then April 19th big tobacco got killed.

Here is a chart of the net worth going back to 1999…

On the positive side, dividend income is continuing to rise steadily.  I should see around a 10% YOY increase and this serves as a bit of a distraction while the portfolio is going through a rough patch.  I am tracking well ahead of my goal to have $40,000 in dividends by 2036.  The goal of growing the net worth by 100,000 per year, is looking a little difficult to do at this point in the year, but the year is still young.  I am a little over -1% away from losing millionaire status, something that I’ve held since October 4, 2017.  No big deal though, if it happens.

The other day, I was looking at craigslist for some of my favorite cars from the 90’s.  With the amount I’ve lost so far this year, I could have purchased a stock Toyota Supra and Mazda RX-7.  Ouch! Gotta love the markets.



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  1. Remmber its only a loss if you sell. if you are buying stocks its a bargain. i still think big tobacco will rebound but dont quote me on that long term lol. since i am building my portfolio still i am down more but some day i hope the down is partly covered by nice dividends and thats al that matters. just remember what goes down must go back up. but dont quote me on that either lol

    • Hi Doug, yes you have to be willing to take the good with the bad. Haven’t had 3 down months in a row in quite some time.

  2. missed the // in the website adress so updating it here

  3. I think it would be informative to add a column for earned income each year and also a column for earned income saved each year. As I look at your spreadsheet I think mine would mirror yours except I’m about 4 years behind you.

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