Net Worth Update March 2018

March proved to be another volatile month for the markets.  It’s been a while since we’ve had two solid down months for the S&P500.

For the month of March, my net worth dropped overall an additional -$13,558.40 or -1.30% for the month.  This means YTD, I am down -$28,535.27 or -2.70% for the year.  This brings my net worth to a current level of $1,026,993.32.  If we look at my intra year high on 1/26/2018 of 1,104,860.51, I have had a drop of $77,867.19 from my all time high.

Compared to the S&P500, I was down -1.30% for the month, while the index was down -2.54% (the last week, I saw really good days of out performance because of limited tech exposure and high consumer staples exposure).  YTD I have a lot or room to make up.  I am down -2.70% vs the S&P500 being down -1.22% (January was not a good month for me relatively speaking).

I’m hopeful the talks of tariffs and trade wars die off, as that would do nothing but negate the benefits of corporate tax cuts and then some.  If not, we could see further huge declines.  All that in the face of increasing interest rates equates to tough headwinds.

For new readers, my stated goal is to increase my net worth $100,000 per year and grow my passive dividend income to $40,000 by 2036.  For 2018, I should eclipse $25,000 in dividends.


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  1. You do have a little ground to make up. Are you fully invested in stocks? Do you have cash/fixed income on the sidelines? You make be in your 30’s but since you’re retired, you need to think like a person in their mid-late 60’s (with a risk-averse frame of mind).
    Most advisors allocate assets based on age. I disagree with this logic. I believe asset allocation should be based on one’s tolerance for risk and volatility. Read my article:

    • Hi Goldburg…i mean Mr. Fireby. Yes, I’m like 99.5% stock. I actually went back to work last year, but may leave again soon. I was on a podcast last October for millionaires unveiled (episode 6). I go a little into my philosophy, but in a nut shell i could care less about age based asset allocation or trying to build efficient portfolios. I consider my time horizon to be infinity as i won’t ever really dip into my principal and am willing to take the good with the bad. The dividends from the investments provide more than enough for me to live off and slowly but surely grow year by year. That takes out the worry of daily fluctuations.

      Check out your article in a bit

  2. It’s amazing that two down months in a row feels so strange.

    I will likely follow your lead once I’m buying dividend stocks. Consumer staples are really important no matter how the economy is faring.

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