FIRE Interviews and Features from the Last Year

For new readers, here are a few features and interviews that I’ve been able to be a part of during the last year.  These are different from you typical job interviews…


In October 2017, I was featured on RockStar Finance for an article I wrote about information on millionaires.  The article is located here on my site.  This really set off things for my site and I was picked up on several other smaller sites for some content.

Shortly after in October, I was invited to be on The Millionaires Unveiled Podcast as they were preparing their launch.  I am on Episode 6.  You can download and listen on iTunes, the episode was released on 12/3/2017.  You can also get to the podcast through my site.  The interview delves into my investments and investment mindset.  I really like their content for anyone wanting to hear how normal people built up their money.  They feature stock jocks, like me, real estate landlords, small business owners, and people who just saved and invested their money over time.

My latest interview, just released this past week, is over at   They’ve started a series featuring young people on track or have hit the 2 comma club.  I was happy to still be considered young and featured for an interview.  The goal is to look at how people in their 30’s amassed their wealth and I think it’s a going to be a series worth checking out to get different perspectives on how different people have built up their wealth at an early age.

These interviews are more fun than your typical interview for work:

Stay tuned for more to come…

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