Net Worth Update August 2018

August was the 4th straight month of solid gains and 5 out of 8 for the year. For the month of August, I finished up a positive $27,491.75 or 2.48%. It feels good to be on in the positive for the 4 months and within $22k of my goal of growing my net worth of $100,000 per year. Net worth sits at $1,134,079.79. I’ve been floating around the 1 to 1.1 million for the year. For the year, I am up a $78,551.20 or 7.44% for the year.

The S&P500 saw a 3.03% return for August and YTD of 8.52%. For the month of August I was up 2.48% and YTD 7.44%. I am underperforming the S&P500 by 1.08%, but still believe I can chip away at the difference. For the 4th month in a row, one of my stocks in particular saw a major outperformance and accounted for a little over 7,000 of the gains. WWE has been on fire, to say the least and it has become my top holding (all sitting in my Roth IRA!). I also enjoyed stellar performance from TTWO in my top 10 holdings.

For any new readers, my net worth is super simple. I have absolutely no debt (including house, cars, student loans). Basically, I am liquid AF. For my net worth, I only count financial assets, so I don’t include material possessions like house, cars, shit in the house (I like to keep it simple and think of only assets I can raise cash in the matter of seconds). My goals are pretty clear too: Increase Net Worth by $100,000 per year, Get to $2,000,000 by 2024, Get to $40,000 in dividends by 2024 . Increase So here goes the charting of my net worth since 1999…

While I am working to get to the $2 Million marker within the next 7 years, I should also note the slow and steady increases in dividend income. For 2018,I will just pass the $26,000 marker for dividends. This allows me to never really touch my portfolio. 2019 dividend income is expected to range between $27,000 to $28,500.

Interesting tidbit from the chart above…looking at the figures for the last about 5.5 years I have increased my net by $729,386.79. The prior 14 years accounted for $404,693. I often refer to how my money works harder than I do. Think about it another way. From a time perspective the last 5.5 years out of the 19.5 years of this experiment equals 28.20% of the time involved. That means a little over a quarter of my time doing this has actually accounted for the majority of the growth of my assets. The 5.5 years has produced $729,386.79 or 64.31% of the growth. The first 14 years was 71.80% of the time and produced $404, 693 or 35.69% of the assets. Start early!!! It’s easy to make you’re money work hard for you, so you can kick back.

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