7 Financially Easy Ways to Have a Great Weekend Trip

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If you’re starting to get more restless at your job, it might be time for a short break. Research has actually shown that taking a break, such as a weekend getaway, can lower stress hormone levels and promote healthy blood pressure. Here’s how you can have an awesome weekend trip without completely breaking the bank in the process.

Use Alternative Accommodations When You Can

Airbnb may currently have the market on alternative accommodation, but there are other services you can use as well. In order to give you many of the same comforts that you enjoy at home, alternative accommodation services like Oasis, Homeaway, and Onefinestay have arisen to help you interact authentically with people who live locally and save money compared to traditional accommodation services. Of course, these options may not always be available, which is when you should check for discounts and promo codes for sites like Hotels.com to help you find lodgings that are more to your liking.

Look at Budget Airlines

Search around on the internet for budget airlines to find the best deal. According to Lifehacker, one thing to be aware of is that when airlines unbundle their services, it can cost you more depending on what you use. For instance, it’s a lot harder to travel with multiple bags without paying for it. One way to avoid extra costs is to travel with one backpack that has all of the things you’ll need for the weekend, instead of paying for an expensive checked bag. Of course, before you book that flight, check for savings and offers for sites like Priceline.

Use Weekend Deals for Car Rentals

Many rental car companies offer weekend deals that serve as a package and help you save money on transportation. Some companies don’t count by the mile, which can make it a lot easier for travel. Articles on renting a car often highlight an extra cost that car rental companies will try to include: extra insurance. Check your current car policy to see what’s covered with a rental car. If you need to purchase extra insurance, there are often more affordable sources to get it from than the rental company. Check for those weekend deals, as well as special deals for companies like Enterprise, before hitting the road.

Take Advantage of Public Transit

Research has shown that public transit is one of the safest ways to travel. It can also save you a ton of money depending on where you’re vacationing. Look at all the public transit options, from the bus to the train to the subway. For example, if you’re traveling through Europe, you might consider a bus rather than the train as the bus can save you a lot more money.

Stay Close

You don’t have to travel far for a good weekend. While you don’t necessarily need to have a staycation, you still can travel within two to three hours of your home to find something new. Look up areas that correspond with what you’re interested in doing and find lesser-known gems. You also search for local deals through sites like Groupon to help you cut costs further.

Travel During the Offseason

The offseason can be an excellent time to find lower prices. For instance, if you’re looking to go on a cruise and want to save some serious money, research the market. Cruise lines often have many ships available in the US between October and February. This can help you find an awesome deal on a cruise to a place like the Caribbean. It’s the same for a lot of other travel options in the offseason. Save up your paid leave and take advantage of the offseason.

You don’t have to be rich to travel. If you look online for great deals, use alternative accommodations, or travel during the offseason, you can have a great time while still staying within your means. There are a lot of ways to enjoy a weekend.

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  1. “Research has actually shown that taking a break, such as a weekend getaway, can lower stress hormone levels and promote healthy blood pressure.” So many positives for your body when taking a trip. We’re actually heading to Mexico in a couple days, not a close weekend trip I know, but still looking forward to some of those similar health benefits.

  2. Sounds awesome, Sahd Fire. Thanks for leaving your comment and enjoy your trip!

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