2019 Projected Dividend Increases

Below is the spreadsheet containing my projections for dividend increases on my dividend portfolio.

For 2019, my expectations for dividend growth are rather low in comparison to 2018.  Last year we had the help of the tax package passing which helped companies boost their dividends at rather healthy growth rates for the year.  For 2019, I just don’t see that kind of catalyst to help companies boost their payouts.

Depressed oil prices have really limited the ability of oil companies to really grow their dividends.

Companies with really long streaks of dividend increases, with some exceptions, are starting to get lofty payouts as well.  Some holdings are resorting to fractional increases to just maintain dividend aristocrat status.

So here is the list of my dividend portfolio and their 2019 increase projections:

As usual, I will update this spreadsheet at the end of the year to see how I fared.  In 2019, I am expecting 85% of my holdings to announce increases (up from 2018’s 81%), but only at an average of 3.29%.

Also, keep an eye out for news on dividend increases as they happen.  I like dig into the companies dividend history and look at the sustainability of the dividend and whether the stock looks attractive at the current price point.

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