January 2019 Daily Portfolio Fluctuations

This is a monthly post showing the daily fluctuations of roughly 95% of my portfolio. This is what I would consider my main investment accounts, the others are not worth the time to figure into the equation from a time perspective.

Looking at the month of January, we see that this portion of my portfolio increased overall $38,299.36 for the month, or a gain of $1,823.78 per trading day. This reverses the horrible month that occurred in December. Like January 2018, we start the year in the green and will have to wait and see how the remaining 11 months play out.

At the high point in the month, this portfolio was up as high as $38,806.85.14 on 1/18/2019. The low point was on 1/3/2019 at -1$15,983.56. There was a maximum 2 days straight losing streak. Meanwhile, the best win streak for the month was at 3 days.

Worst losing day was on 1/22 for -$14,646.99. Single biggest gain day occurred on 1/04 at $24,919.17.

Number of days with a loss of greater than $10,000 sits at 2 days. Number of days with gains of greater than $10,000 was 3.

The absolute value column is to show the average daily fluctuation the portfolio is experiencing regardless of a gain or loss. This figure shows each trading day of the month, $7,106.58, was the average absolute daily fluctuation I experienced (about $3500 daily lower than December 2018). Volatility remains markedly high since late summer 2018.

This type of data is just to you how much an all stock portfolio can fluctuate on a daily basis. Can you stomach these types of daily fluctuations?

Now for the charts and graphs enjoy…

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