Net Worth For January 2019

January was a relief after the disaster that occurred in the markets in December.  For the month of January, I finished up $43,929.64 or 4.09% for the month.  While I outperformed the benchmark S&P500 by a wide margin in December, my lack of tech holdings held me back as I would underperform for the month of January (for new readers, I am a buy an hold investor.  Not active or passive, but actively passive I like to say). This January looks very similar to January 2018, as I would underperform to start out the year (but eventually claw back an easily outperform the S&P500).  Net worth closes out January at$1,117,016.73.  I’ve been floating around the 1.1 million marker for the  majority of the past year.  My goal every year is to increase my net worth by $100,000 per year and I’m setting my sights on $2 million by 2024’s year end.

The S&P500 saw sharp increase of 7.87% for January.  For the month of January, I was up 4.09%, leaving me trailing the S&P500 by 3.78% in the first month of the year.

For 2019, I’m pegging my portfolio to perform anywhere from finishing the year at $850,000 in a worse case scenario, to a best case scenario of $1,225,000.  This rally has been long in the tooth, and I haven’t had a down year since 2008, streaks eventually come to an end.

For any new readers, my net worth is super simple. I have absolutely no debt (including house, cars, student loans). Basically, I am liquid AF. For my net worth, I only count financial assets, so I don’t include material possessions like house, cars, shit in the house (I like to keep it simple and think of only assets I can raise cash in the matter of seconds). My goals are pretty clear too: Increase Net Worth by $100,000 per year, Get to $2,000,000 by 2024, Get to $40,000 in dividends by 2024, and my new goal of make $500,000 from my investments in 1 year at some point in my life.  So here goes the charting of my net worth since 1999…

While I am working to get to the $2 Million marker within the next 7 years, I should also note the slow and steady increases in dividend income. For 2018, I just passed the $26,000 marker for dividends. This allows me to never really touch my portfolio. 2019 dividend income is expected to be in the range of $28,000.

Interesting tidbit from the chart above…looking at the figures for the last about 6 years I have increased my net by $492,436.84. The prior 15 years accounted for $624,579.89. I often refer to how my money works harder than I do. Think about it another way. From a time perspective the last 6 years out of the 21 years of this experiment equals 28% of the time involved. That means a little over a quarter of my time doing this has actually accounted for the majority of the growth of my assets. The 6 years has produced $492,436.84 or 44% of the growth. The first 15 years was 72% of the time and produced $624,579.89 or 56% of the assets. Start early!!! It’s easy to make you’re money work hard for you, so you can kick back.

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