It’s the Final Countdown

I was gone for about 10 days on a nice trip to Hawaii, probably my favorite place on earth.  I had a great time, didn’t worry about anything.  The markets were down, I lost a crap load of money, but I didn’t think about it.  Largely because of the huge time difference.  When I was having my morning coffee, the markets were almost closed for the day.  I didn’t log into any of my accounts, not once.  The distraction of the beach, ocean, and bikinis helps.

Reality set back in when I had to go back to work in the middle of the week.  It was all right, I finished all of my work prior to leaving, so I can come back on the last day of the quarter and not have to do anything.

The following day, October 1, rolls around.  It’s the start of a new quarter.  Sales restart to 0.  Time to start the hustle.  And then it suddenly hit me, it’s the forth quarter of the calendar year.  I don’t have much longer to go.  I can do this.  I was suddenly transported back to being at the beach.

You remember that scene in Office Space where Peter tells the shrink that every day you see him, it’s the worst day of his life.  The shrink replies, “That’s messed up.”  That’s been me for a while at my job.  Not anymore.  Every day that passes, I’m in a better mood than the previous day.  The end is freaking in site and I’m super excited about it.

So here’s the plan.  This year is nearly done.

Hustle in October thru November 19th to get as much work done as possible.

My place sells in that time frame as well (sold it without a real estate agent!), and I will move my stuff before vacation to it’s final destination.  Vacation is from November 20th until December 4th, I believe.  This is where it gets interesting.  I will be without a place and couch surfing for a while at friends places.  I don’t want to sign any kind of lease at this stage.  I sold my place sooner than planned, but got a really nice price and couldn’t pass on the offer, and I was able to time it to get my 2 years of primary residence on the place.  At this stage, I will be pulling one of those “how many things do you actually need in your life” kind of feats.  I’ve read of some dude that literally got down to something like 20 items was all he needed.

I am planning this stuff out right now.  Obviously I need clothes for work and play, personal hygiene products, laundromat for washing clothing, a couch for a few hours of sleep, a shower, and I will probably be eating out a little more at this point.  Most likely eating Subway and things like that.  So, my food expense will go up, but I will technically be homeless and couch surfing at this point, so no housing expenses.  Also, I will be driving more, so my car expenses will go up some.  Heck, I may even grab an occasional lunch with people at the office.  Nah!

December will fly by in no time, leading up to Christmas, no work gets done in my industry, so there only about 2.5 weeks of work for me in December.  I believe I am off a couple days in the last week of the year as well.

When January rolls around,  there is New Years Day off, MLK day off, I will use my 4 floating holidays. So January won’t be all that bad.

February, I will have turned in my notice, so I just need to show up and be breathing at that point.

So why is the nut job going through all of this hassle?  Simple, I hold onto my job until the beginning of the year, somewhere around January 28 or 29 is bonus time.  My salary for the month of January will all be deferred into my retirement plan.  If I give a 2 weeks notice, I leave in good standing and will get paid all of my vacation time for the year, estimating around 220 hours.  So after the bonus deposit hits, I’ll turn in my 2 weeks to leave mid February and ride off to the sunset.  (I don’t trust my employer, so I’m giving notice after the money is sitting in the bank account).

Basically, there is a good amount of money on the table at the start of the year.  That money coupled with my dividend income from my brokerage account will get me through 2016 to live off and then some.  When 2017 rolls around, I will use dividends from my brokerage account and do 72(t) distributions from some of the money in my traditional ira to live off of for the rest of my life (details on what the heck a 72(t) is and how to do this coming eventually).

There are about 4 1/2 months left.  Taking out time off, I have just under 4 months of work left in my lifetime at the age of soon to be 36.  Pretty exciting stuff.

Sound off below, how crazy do you think I am?  Is all this hassle worth putting up with in your opinion?  Feel free to rip into me.

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  1. I think it’s a great idea. You’re basically only working 50% of the time anyways, and no point leaving a bonus on the table! Looking forward to learning about your plans for February and beyond.

    • When January gets here, the waiting at work is going to kill me. It’s going to be hard to act like nothing is coming up. My plans in retirement: farming, biking, ironman training.

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