Daily Portfolio Fluctuations for October 2018

This is a monthly post showing the daily fluctuations of roughly 95% of my portfolio. This is what I would consider my main investment accounts, the others are not worth the time to figure into the equation from a time perspective.

Looking at the month of October (the gif is a clue as to what the month felt like), we see that this portion of my portfolio decreased overall -$38,671.77 for the month, or a loss of $2931.13 per trading day. This snaps a streak of 5 solid months of gains in a row. For the year, 6 months have been solid, 4 months not so much.

At the high point in the month, this portfolio was up as much as $6579.76 on 10/02/2018. The low point was the on 10/29/2018 at -62,088.13. October was a far cry from September, in that I stayed in the hole for most of the month. There was a maximum 3 day losing streak, although there were several during the month. Meanwhile, the best win streak for the month was only at 2 days, far from September’s amazing 9 day streak with gains. As brutal as the month may look, as you will see in a couple days time, I actually outperformed the S&P500 by a large margin for a second month in a row.

Worst losing day was on 10/10 for -$20,664.51. Single biggest gain day occurred on 10/30 at $18,579.42.

Number of days with a loss of greater than $10,000 sits at 4 days. Number of days with gains of greater than $10,000 was 2.

The absolute value column is to show the average daily fluctuation the portfolio is experiencing regardless of a gain or loss. This figure shows each trading day of the month, $7,138.66 was the average absolute daily fluctuation I experienced (about $900 daily less than August).

This type of data is just to you how much an all stock portfolio can fluctuate on a daily basis. Compared to August, overall volatility for this portfolio was slightly lower. Average daily fluctuations were higher by almost triple of September.

Now for the charts and graphs enjoy…

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