My Top 10 Holdings for April 2019

This is the 11th month of this little project I am building out. Here are some details of the top 10 holdings in my portfolio (by market value). This is not an investment recommendation…

As I’ve discussed, when on the millionaires unveiled podcast I did in October 2017, I have a large chunk of my net worth tied up in a concentrated number of holdings (you listened to it right). More specifically, my top 10 holdings makes up 45% of my net worth.

One question I was asked is “does it concern me to have so much equity tied up in a few positions?” My response was something to the effect of no, I feel I am diversified enough in my holdings that I don’t see a need to own hundreds of stocks like a mutual fund or ETF would hold.

The markets are a random walk. There have literally been test where monkeys throw darts at ticker symbols in a newspaper and can outperform an actual stockbroker.

Lets take a look at the top 10. You’ll see a few common themes. For the most part, there are no surprise holdings. Companies like MO, XOM, KO, JNJ are your basic holdings common in many large cap funds. While PG and CLX are pretty much also household names. These holdings provide stable and consistently growing dividend income for me to live off.

Some of my more “oddball” holdings that you’re probably scratching your head are WWE and CME.  These holdings didn’t ever initially start out as my largest holdings, they just kind of grew like crazy to get too that point. And ironically, these are some of my highest performers in my portfolio, and while not necessarily dividend growth investments (excluding CME), have provided crazy capital appreciation.  The 2 above stocks were also some of the major standouts for all of 2018, again.

When looking at the sectors, the top 10 holdings are spread across consumer staples, consumer discretionary, energy, financials, and industrials. There is a lack of tech in my top 10, but some of those holdings are just outside the top 10 (MSFT at #11).

WWE maintained it’s position at the top of the portfolio, however was my biggest disappointment from falling after reaching an all time new high of just past $100.  XOM pulled back on weak earnings.  PG continues to oddly perform well despite any real growth in earnings.  Big Tobacco represented by MO and PM pulled back in particular MO, after having a standout March.  JNJ continues to rebound from the fall off of the baby powder incident.  Overall, April was a disappointing month for my top 10 holdings and lagged the S&P500 for the month.

I am seriously considering liquidating all of my position in PG.  The stock is sitting at multi year highs, despite no real earnings growth.  This isn’t a forever break up.  I can sell now and wait for the stock to go back down to the low 80’s.  I’m also considering selling some of WWE and looking to maybe move those funds into SPY.

So what do you think. Was this what you expected to see from a million dollar portfolio? Would having that high of a concentration of a portfolio in a small number of holdings concern you? What other content would you like to see added to the spreadsheet?

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