About Me

Ironic Capitalist, distrusting of Wall Street, lover of the financial markets, math nerd, and always tinkering and trying to learn something new.  I retired early at the age of 36 after being an investment advisor for 15 years, who learned about savings bonds as a kid, capitalism at age 15, and reality at age 25.  BBA from UT Arlington, MBA from UNT were good, but high school economics is what made me fall in love with the financial markets.

Always frugal, born of two immigrant parents, after growing up in a lower middle class family of the 80’s, I wanted to learn how the wealthy are able to make more from activities outside of their working income.  I had a good child hood, but when you learn about a lay-a-way program being needed so your parents can purchase an NES from Wal-Mart, you know money is tight.  (Happy Ending, they go on to live the American Dream-who says the American Dream is dead)

High School economics would be the catalyst for learning to make money like the rich.  You can actually make money without having to work, by investing in the stock market.  Most fascinating concept my young mind would encounter.  Thanks Mr. Cook for that stock market project.

Over time, the learning of the financial markets would evolve and transform into what I have been doing for the last 12 years.  I started like many people do with investing, trying to get the quick buck, thinking I can turn $1000 into $1million, only to lose out on a company going bankrupt.  Trading way too much and having a ridiculous Schedule D on my tax return for a nominal gain.

Since 2003, I have done what the “Masters” of investing have done.  Buy companies I want to own forever.  Build up your passive income from dividend growth companies, monitor my spending, and get to the point of retiring early.

I retired at the age of 36.  After a year out of the work force, I went back to work, but am close to deciding if I want to retire for good.

About This Site

This site is for anyone tired of the BS of the daily grind and trying to figure out what else can be done for their future.  This is not a get rich quick scheme, but one that takes time and effort on your part, but is rewarding in the end.

The main focus is setting yourself up for growing passive income thru dividend growth investing, so that one can live comfortably off this income to cover their living expenses.  Thus never having to actually dip into your principal.  Hitting FI (financial independence) or building enough FU Money (fuck you money- most peoples dream of having enough money to tell their boss to take this job and shove it) has been something I have wanted since the realization that corporate world is not for me, or many other people that I see.

There will be discussions involving math and business school concepts, but don’t worry the main things are basic concepts that everyone needs to have a firm grasp in order to build a foundation.  There will also be more “complicated” topics, such as derivatives, that I hope to break down, so as to clear up general misunderstandings.  Again, the basics can take you a long way.

Hopefully, for anyone searching the internet about early retirement, my journey will be able to help simplify the things in the world of finance that are often made overly complicated.

I’ll also post pics of some adventures since retiring and some tech reviews (hey, it’s my site, I can do what I want).



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