72(t)/SEPP Distributions– Set you up properly for distributions from your IRA account for early retirement.  There are a lot of “advisors” and sadly even CPAs and CFPs out there not familiar with the rules and can really screw you over in the long run.  You don’t want to do these distributions wrong, there can be substantial taxes and penalties to the IRS.  (If you are age 55 or older and separated from service, check with your 401(k) provider for plan rules on distributions prior to age 59 1/2.  You may not have to worry about rolling to an IRA and doing 72(t)/SEPP distributions)  Fee- $995

Don’t need me to calculate your 72(t) distribution, but needing clarification about the rules.  I am available to talk for a fee of $100 per hour (billable in 30 minute increments).

NUA (Net Unrealized Appreciation)– If you have a significant amount of company stock in your 401(k) that has grown in value, do not blindly rollover your 401(k) to an IRA.  I can help you analyze if taking advantage of this little known rule is beneficial to you.  It can make a big difference for your taxes in retirement, and there are additional benefits as well.  Sadly, this is also not known by many CPAs or CFPs, and “advisors” are just wanting you to do the IRA rollover for a commission.  You only get once chance to take advantage of NUA and do it correctly.  Contact me for details on service and pricing.  Fee- Greater of $995 or 2% of the difference in the tax savings

Retirement Planning– If after looking at information provided on my site and many other early retirement web sites, you are unable to develop your own plan, I can help you for a fee.  This will be a very detailed plan going through cash flow analysis, net worth, telling you where you are fucking up things, recommended course of action to correct and get you on target.  It will be your responsibility to follow through and execute.  Over time there will be case studies used on this site.  You can also read that material and see if you can apply some of those ideas to your own situation.  Contact me for further details on service and pricing.  ***Anyone really concerned about there financial future should not be paying for this.  You should be doing a lot of your own homework***  Fee- $500-$1000 depending on the work involved

Section 1031 Exchange– Coming soon.  This service is for landlords looking to sell rental property and defer taxes on the sale of the property.  Lots of cool things you can do here.  Same as above, CFPs and CPAs will not be familiar with this.  Your real estate agent will probably be aware of it, but probably not wanting to help you because it involves more than opening the front door for you to go into a property.  “Financial Advisors” just turn and walk the other way from them on this subject.

For all above listed services, I do not sell you any investments or take custody of any funds.  I am not a broker or pushing any investments or affiliated with any firm.

Retirement Planning Software– This is available for companies.  If your organization is looking for retirement planning software that is a little different from what is currently out there, contact me for a meeting and pricing.  If you are looking for something running Monte Carlo simulations or just uses flat rate of returns, this isn’t for you (no need to waste anyone’s time), there’s already hundreds of companies that can help you.  Contact for details (there is no annual licensing fee)

Speaking Engagements- Lets talk the importance of investing, controlling spending, Time Value of Money (TVM), going against the grain, and get you information to being on the right path to a prosperous future.  FREE for middle school to college classrooms in the Tucson area.

Available for speaking engagements for companies offering employees early retirement buyouts or new employee benefits training.  Fee- $2000 plus travel expenses

Investment Broker/Advisor/RIA 5 day training.  Learn the things to differentiate your advisory practice from the dime a dozen advisors out there.  Topics include NUA, 72(t), Warrants, Portfolio Hedging.  Fee – $10,000 plus travel expenses.  No limit on trainess, pack in as many people as you want.  You provide the meeting room.




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